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Jorge had been threatening with the envelope for a long time.
So much so that it was already hard to believe.
But here is the envelope with all the material included in it.
It's hard to understand from a screen. Each note is a sheet or sheet. Color or black and white illustration paper. From postcards going through A4 size to two giant posters.
But here it is: the envelope that included a cd - Year 2004.


After downloading the file extract the zip file and click on "Expresoimaginario.exe" and the program will open. It will not be installed on your computer so every time you want to open it you will have to click on it.

The CD contains videos and the covers of the magazine over time.


Approximately 25 years ago, during the first days of the Imaginary Express, we created the Videocassette Experimental Center with Jorge Pistocchi. Those were the beginnings of video in that format, since the first teams used open magnetic tape. In Argentina the medium was still completely unknown and getting work material was an almost impossible task. Economic limitations, the turbulent period the country was going through, Jorge's eventual departure from the magazine and my departure abroad meant that that first experience was limited in its growth and diffusion.


Back in Argentina, and after having dedicated myself to the production of documentaries for television for all these years, the reunion with Jorge and the beginning of this new stage of the Imaginary Express leads us to the rebirth of the project. Together with Horacio Fontova, an old friend and Art Director of the magazine, we embarked on this adventure that is really just the continuation of the same trip. 


"La Sopapa Cósmica", which is still in a state of evolution, is a future TV program in "magazine" format. Its content reflects the themes that have always interested us: independent culture, ecology (in the broadest sense of the word), travel and everything related to alternative life proposals.


The need for this program is as clear today as it was for the Imaginary Express in 1976, given that the issues that concern us continue to be generally ignored by the mainstream media. We hope to be able to maintain the same curiosity and innocence of that time and serve as a meeting point for all travelers determined to travel different paths than those that are continually offered to us.

Welcome to the train!

Uberto Sagramoso

If you could not download the cd, it includes the following videos

cd pipo

Pipo's CD

Oct 23 2009
Dear co-crew of the Imaginary Express:
It seems to me that  almost everyone received a copy of the DVD with the anthology of the magazine in PDF. I need to send it to Bobby and Eduardo A. Gimenez, and to some cartoonists. Actually there are many with whom I no longer have contact...
Anyone you know how to contact let me know.. 
This started when I got tired of people -especially young people- telling me "They told me about the Express but I never saw one" or "I only saw one of the last numbers..." At that time I had an hourly assistant (Maya Loy) who helped me sort my file and type old notes, and began to scan the Express, after going through a photocopy to unify sizes (I have a small scanner).

At first I thought of just scanning my notes, but it seemed very selfish, so I made a selection, leaving out all the notes that were picked up from other media (especially in Mordisco, the famous "trad and adapt"). And I also decided not to put all the reviews of records or concerts, the Mordisco news, the little things, unless they had something special. Because the scan ended up costing me a fortune in Maya man hours, so I was forced to select. I'm sure everyone will have complaints because I forgot some important note or photo... But I didn't post, for example, my own reviews of records, books or concerts, unless they seemed important to me. I decided to take charge of the selection, because There was always going to be some complaint, so I put "Pipo Lernoud Compilation". At first my idea was to propose to everyone to scan what they thought could not be missing, but later I thought it would be a very long process and I wanted to send it off without consulting too much. It can work as a demo, if we want to go ahead and make a version

Documento Scannable 2 el 29 oct_edited.j

more complete in the future. The important thing is that now anyone can have a fairly complete idea of the Express, for little money and pass it on to friends. 

You will see that I put all the summaries, so that all the collaborators and the notes were mentioned, even if they were not scanned. That way everyone can know who collaborated when, and make their own opinion of the evolution of the Express. For that same reason I put all the numbers, to get out of the debate of which is the best stage, a debate that seems old to me. Now it is the readers who can judge. Of course, there are more notes from the early years than from the later ones, because I, who took on the painful role of compiler and had to select, like them better and find them to have more significant content. But we couldn't leave out the note about Tanguito by Victor Pintos, or Claudio's about Charly in Tom Wolfe style, etc. And also the controversial editorials about the Cuchi Cuchi Indians, etc. 

I also avoided getting into the legal issue. This is a whim of mine on a small scale and is not intended to be a source of money or an appropriation of anything. I did it at home and only a few copies, although surely Musimundo or some other such

time it will seem like a possible good deal.  It cost me more than two thousand pesos to scan everything, and a few hundred to produce it. I would like to recover what was invested in the production of the disc, I think that what I spent on scanning them I am not going to recover at the moment. If someone wants to make a book or a commercial edition, and everyone agrees, I sell the scans in high volume just to recover the investment. I'm telling you all this because someone told me "Ah, but you can do a more professional edition, in Flash Player," Another told me "This should be accompanied by an Espresso-sized book..." I think it's great if someone wants to do it, and everyone agrees. I don't think it's interesting to profit from the past, and if you have to pay everyone it is impossible. Personally I didn't want to make a “product”, I wanted and want to spread the Express, and, if possible, recover the investment. It does not seem attractive to me to think of a return of the  Expreso type of meeting of Serú Giran, although I am willing to participate in everything that is spreading what we did at that time. And whatever serves to support Jorge, who had the idea and deserves all possible recognition. 

You will see that I put a "little story of the Express" that I had already published in La Mano, in


the one that many (very many!) of the participants are missing, but it is nothing more than an introduction. I suppose those who are not listed may get angry, but it is impossible to mention everyone. The idea is to give the reader a snapshot of what happened, mentioning some notes. I apologize for what is missing and the many writers, cartoonists, photographers and etc that are not mentioned. At first I was afraid someone would jump in and say it was wrong to make the material public, but I've had an overwhelmingly positive response. Pistocchi and Fontova are happy, Claudio and Alfredo and José Luis too. This is a very small edition that I only sell at my poetry readings. Whoever wants to have more copies and has been a participant in history, I will charge the cost of each DVD with a cover (six pesos for now). Of course, we are still talking about a non-commercial edition. I asked my journalist friends not to consider it a public launch, and not to make notes about it, because I don't think I have the right to assume the representation of the magazine, beyond places like the Independent Book Fair or the Open Newsroom organized by Jorge in which we got together with Horacio, Alfredo and Claudio to talk about the magazine. 

I don't know what will be the future of this effort to recover and spread the Express among friends. I'm not going to deal with coordinating any larger-scale edition, or a discussion about the future, or the return of the living dead. We would all have to be in agreement in order for a commercial edition to be worthwhile in any format. This is a personal whim out of love for the magazine, and so far it has had a great response. 

The truth is that it was one of those trips to review the magazine, which continues to be -it seems to me- the most adventurous magazine (thanks Jorge!) and the most graphically flown (thanks Horacio!) ever made around here. I always ask why there isn't a magazine like this today, with all the freedom we have or seem to have.

I hope that you will circulate this email among other members of the Express with whom I have no contact, and send me your opinions, which I hope will not be bitch. I take this opportunity here to thank the great poet Hernán (Gonzalez) for the design of the envelope and Gustavo Sosa and Noelia Pirsic for the PDFs. They worked cool, without charging, and the result is very good.

Thank you all for sharing the journey, today as then. See you.


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