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Mordisco took to the streets in mid-1974. He set up the newsroom in his home, a small loft on the corner of Viamonte and Pasteur. His plan was to nurture the movement that had been generated around rock. He did not want to restrict himself to music. He tried to reach poetry, painting, philosophy, art in all its expressions. “Today we start the march towards a station called impossible. Getting there can be dangerous, but we trust that the contents of our luggage will protect us. While there are no weapons inside them, as we left them at the departure station, instead they carry our rock music, the books that enlightened us, the techniques and inventions of men who didn't try to destroy us, and all our royal possessions, that is, the things we love.” Thus ended his first editorial as director of a magazine, and began a path that he would never have imagined.
Report: Diego Fernandez Romeral
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Long before Mordisco was a supplement to Expreso, its first issue came out.
It was one more magazine among the rock magazines of the time.
This is how the first issue ended:
“Well…this was our first step.
We gave it behind that magazine that we always wanted to do, but it only existed in our fantasy.
We will try to catch that fantasy through the successive numbers or "Bites", that come.
If we succeed, we hope to retain it until it becomes a reality that serves us all "
Later, with the departure of the Express, the story is already known.
First it was an integral part of the magazine.
The idea was to get out of the concept that contemporary magazines such as Pinap, Pelo or Algún Día had.
And that's how the first number came out
But for the second, the strength of rock as a vehicle for the counterculture forced Expreso to release it as a supplement.
But that... that's another story.

A huge thank you to my friend Gustavo Koch, who took the trouble to digitize page by page so that we can enjoy it.

The text and material is published in, by Freddy Berro, an excellent page where the numbers of Mordisco that we reproduce here are digitized. 

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