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Spinetta, the videoIt was made by Pablo Perel and Ralph Rothschild with the production of Ernesto Stillerman, in the year 1985. The video did not see the light until 2011 because Luis did not want it to be broadcast as he was so exposed in many aspects. We respect your decision (with much sadness). Shortly before he died, he authorized its broadcast and when he died, the Encuentro channel and INCAA broadcast it over and over again. This is the original video taken from master 


Towards the end of the 1980s, the beginning of the 1990s, television channels did not accept third-party productions.

That did not prevent us and all the people who participated in this delirium from making the attempt. Like so many things in life (seegogabolson) we failed. Of course, we had a lot of fun.

movil 8.png

This video was made by Pablo Rothschild and Luciano Cervio, my mother's grandchildren when she was 90 years old. Shortly after he passed away but I wanted to share it, not only for affective reasons, but because it is excellent!

It is recommended to enlarge it


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El Sr. Orejas presenta sus podcasts en su séptima temporada.

While I'm not a radio listener, I've always been passionate about it in a way. I remember my childhood days listening to "Tarzan"... 

I was lucky enough to do a 3-hour Argentine rock special in 1982 when I was tired of so much violence, on the national radio in Holland (today the Netherlands), found a radio station in the south and do "Orejas al Universo" in recent years "


disco virtual cd_edited.png

The only time in my life when I covered myself with twine. The idea was - towards the end of the 90's - to make the first sales system through computers. 

At that time, the Internet was for few and slow as a pregnant turtle and we launched a CD that allowed you to shop for Disco Supermarkets via modem.

At one point Disco considered that the data we handled and bought us for a considerable fortune.

I spent those morlaco editing magazines and making a fitzcarraldic movie theater in El Bolsón after which my bank account was left with a balance of $0 and much higher debts.

Fontova President

In 1988 the campaign for the presidential elections was taking place. There it occurred to me to make a fictitious video presenting Fontova as a candidate. Taking advantage of this nonsense, several artists joined the campaign, even on television. Politicians, actors, conductors participate in this bizarre production.

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fontova con tv.png

One day, in El Bolsón, I was watching the news when suddenly the announcer presented a note of an unpublished video of Soda Stereo that was part of a television pilot back in the 90s that I directed.
It was recorded at my house in Buenos Aires and it featured Lalo Mir, the protagonist of that program that never came out (Movil 8) and Ana María Giunta, apart from Perejil, my faithful dog. The video was commented on in all the Latin American media, although it should be noted that it is not official and was made within the context of the program.



My passion for music has always been one of my addictions. But we will see that in the book "My Life as Ralph" of a future edition. 

I mark two important facts: the informal recording that we made with Jorge Pistocchi in my house with a cassette recorder of Miguel Abuelo singing... and Discos Goga that tried to promote musicians from the South. 

By clicking on the images you will know what I mean.



Aside from being a vinyl addict, my other passion was magazines.

In my tender though dark childhood I collected them. Comics, fobal, and already younger we were generals.

And when a magazine talked about music, well... 

La Pelo, La Mordisco, and finally El Expreso, which was waiting anxiously, accompanying the magazine rack, waiting for the cast to bring the magazines.

But that is already part of the book that I am not writing yet.

After some hard research, I was able to scan many journals in their entirety and publish them on (ie here). 

How I later became editor of "La Mano" and "Un Caño", but that will also form part of the book.

I'm very worried because Avelluto, my ghost writer doesn't call me... He just finished a book called "For What" and he seems tired...

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