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Goga ( luego de 10 años de esperanza ha entrado en venta. Lo que fue un sueño de centro cultural puede -en manos de otra persona/institución- en un cine-teatro, supermercado, shopping. Fin de una etapa de mi vida, que continúa con nuevos sueños

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what happened to goga?

The cost of the work exceeded more than 2.5 times what was budgeted, which is why the money was not enough for its completion.
In December 2013 I was invited to Buenos Aires to sign the agreement by which the Ministry of Culture and the National University of Río Negro committed to ending the construction of Goga.
Seen in the distance I came for the photo.
Despite all the subsequent attempts, Culture did not give answers and little by little I got tired of calling uselessly.
The signatories did not fulfill the commitment.
Goga was vandalized and today it is a dream that turned into a nightmare.
There have been many promises and they are documented. Not just the convention; but radio promises and videos.
A pity that the Shire cannot count on the Goga cinema-theater...
That a Secretariat (now Ministry) does not comply with the agreement, demonstrating that culture is not always a smile.

that was going to be Goga

You can follow the construction and activities of Goga from 2010 to 2013... go to photos



Durante su construcción se utilizó el espacio exterior ya que el escenario mira tanto al exterior como al interior.


What did the media say about Goga... go to media


After the closure of the construction there were acts of vandalism consisting of robberies,... Keep reading

the project

This is the folder that was presented in the different organizations with the presentation of the Goga project.

goga records


You can listen to or download records by musicians from the region and others from the country.   Go to Goga Discs

radio goga - fm 103.5


On December 21, 2010, Radio Goga FM 103.5 went on the air. With more than 16 hours a day, de  its own programming counted on the efforts of the artists from El Bolsón.

Part of the programs (those that were uploaded to Dropbox have been deleted) can be heard in streaming. The radio stopped broadcasting in 2014.      

Go to Radio Goga...

ears to the universe


Ears to the Universe was a program that was broadcast on Radio Goga and is currently broadcast on 8 stations in the interior and is in its eighth season and can also be heard by clickinghere.

declarations of interest

Goga was declared of interest municipalprovincial ynational. What does declare interest mean? See  statements, clickhere

Agreement with the Ministry of Culture


Towards the end of 2013, an agreement was signed between Goga, the then Secretary of Culture of the Nation and the University of Río Negro whereby the construction of Goga was to be completed.

This is the text of it:


In the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, on December 23, 2013, between Mr. Raul Rothschild hereinafter called "THE ASSIGNOR" and the National University of Río Negro, represented by the Rector Juan Carlos Del Bello. ..  Read more...

3D views

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