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After several years of work, in which he barely made ends meet, Pistocchi managed to inaugurate the Expreso Imaginario Cultural Center at the end of 2014. Located in the La Boca neighborhood (Olavarría 664), the cultural center is the central square of a castle made of seized tenements. Around the courtyard where the activities take place, the people who come have also become their guardians. “In the center we are developing an orchard, dance, chess, and percussion workshops. As well as the radio and everything that happens with it. We met a candombe group, Africa Ruge, who are rehearsing here and bring together many black families from Greater Buenos Aires during the weekends”, says Pistocchi. “We are also setting up music and drawing classes, everything we can leave for the youth of the neighborhood to experiment with. La Boca is a republic for a reason. There are many advantages to the natural communication that exists between people. It is one of the last neighborhood lives in the Capital.”

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On May 1st, the City Government closed the mythical Imaginary Express in La Boca.
The Government of Buenos Aires closed the Imaginary Express Cultural Center, Olavarría 664, in the La Boca neighborhood, on Sunday, May 1.
In 2014, after several years of work, the well-remembered Jorge Pistocchi inaugurated the Expreso Imaginario Cultural Center, located in the La Boca neighborhood. From that day on, this cultural space became a benchmark for residents, because it revived the spirit of neighborhood clubs.
It was a space in which different activities were carried out such as garden workshops, dance, chess, percussion, music and drawing classes, among other activities, which brought together many families during the week and even more so on weekends when Different shows were performed for all the neighbors.
The Imaginary Express became another victim of the "anti-cultural" measures of the current government. On May 1, it was closed by inspectors from the City Government. "They proceeded with total illegality, it is one more sign that we live under the control of a government that favors the privileges of the financial speculator and destroys the few conquests of the base that sustains the worker and all the actors of the real economy," they said. those responsible for the Express through a statement.
And they added: "Governments are afraid of the union of peoples, they are afraid of neighbors who meet, that is why the prohibition of these activities is the new philosopher's stone of incoherent legalistic arguments."
"Our goal is to show that we come together not to be just another product, categorized and labeled for sale, but to build a better and fairer future, which values life and the human quality of people above all else," they concluded. in the statement. 

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