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In 2012 he was repeating Jorge's story in El Bolsón: squandering his inheritance on a project called Goga, the temple of art ( where he also had a radio (obviouslyRadio Goga).
At the beginning of a program that I maintain to this day: Ears to the Universe ( I imagined a Christmas in which Santa Claus was arrested in a Christmas delivery because they had found marijuana.
This was the image of the program that can be heard by clickinghere


These lines are written after having advertised for Papa "Jorge" Noel, where he wanted to reflect the refusal that he had throughout his life to place advertisements for companies such as Coca Cola.
Although with that attitude he had to sacrifice many things.
In the year 2000 I was succeeding in life. Together with two partners I had created a computer system called "Virtual Disk" that was giving me many dividends. It was there that I proposed to my partners to give Jorge an office to relaunch the Express.
The days passed, the weeks also and why not, the months and no zero number came out to start selling advertising. 
My partners were nervous, and even more so when Jorge emphatically told them that certain advertisements could not appear in the relaunch.
My partners looked at me stunned and did not want to have anything more to do with the magazine.
A year later, Martín Perez told me that he wanted to make a magazine called "La Mano" and that it would have the "address"  of Roberto Petinatto.
Jorge's fury made us distance ourselves for a long time...
Over time the relationship resumed. 
Those who knew Jorge know that one could go from friend to enemy and in some cases from enemy to friend again. In other cases definitely not. 
But in ours yes.
Continuing with the archaeological diving that means making this website, I found an email that caught my attention.
I repeat, the "advertising" above was already done.
The email said:



Well, this new advertisement that surely you would have liked more


Quilmes is distributed by Pepsi

Although I'm not sure he would have posted it...

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