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Diary of the Candidacy of Dr. Orejas Orejudo 2023




Bulletin No. 27

In the main hall of the Government of Tierra del Fuego, Dr. Orejas Orejudo met with the authorities of the island where they discussed Dr.'s plans for when he becomes president.

They discussed the long-awaited realization of the bridge that will link the province of Santa Cruz with Tierra del Fuego, the investment in the incipient medical marijuana industry, the construction of a 600-meter-high viewpoint from which it will be possible to see Antarctica, the Law of Marriage between Penguins and many other laws, ordinances, decrees and other issues that make the development and growth of our southern island.




Bulletin No. 26

On his second day in Usuahia, Dr. Orejas Orejudo took a walk through the city and spontaneously joined the smiley Fuegians who accompanied him smiling, while the people on the sidewalk expressed their approval. At night he went to the Sunstar cinema where he was delighted with Spider-Man and at the exit more Fuegian emojis were waiting for him who surrounded him to ask for autographs. A good start to his national and popular tour.




Bulletin No. 25

Received by a massive and boisterous crowd, Dr. Orejas Orejudo got off the imposing Orejible and knelt down excited to have returned to his homeland.

Excited to start the campaign in his homeland to become president of all Argentines in 2023




Bulletin No. 24

Flying over Brazil. Third day. Meeting with Lula. There's still hope.




Bulletin No. 23

From the Orejible, Dr. Orejas Orejudo communicated with Thomas Pesquet on the International Space Station.

The astronaut said: “Entire regions of the Earth in flames. Storms leaving trails of destruction in their wake. And the haunting fragility of humanity's only home floating like a blue — albeit stained — pearl in the vastness of space.

Through hatches in the International Space Station, I get a stunning view of the repercussions of global warming."

“We see the pollution of rivers, air pollution, things like that. What really shook me on this mission were the extreme weather events,” he told Dr. Orejudo.

“We saw entire regions burning from the space station, in Canada, in California,” he said. "We saw all of California covered in a cloud of smoke and flames with the naked eye from 400 kilometers (250 miles) up."

From space, "the fragility of the Earth is a shock," added Pesquet. "It's a sensory experience to see how isolated we are like an oasis, with limited resources."

It is Pesquet's second mission to the international station. It spent 197 days in orbit in 2016-2017. The destructive effects of human activity have become increasingly visible, he says.

“Year after year, we also know that we are breaking records for fires, storms, floods. And all of that is very visible. I clearly see the difference compared to my mission four or five years ago,” he said.

 Source: Los Angeles Times




Bulletin No. 22

And so Dr. Orejas Orejudo began his return to his beloved homeland at a cruising speed of 228.75 km/h, covering 5,490 km. per day expecting to arrive in Usuahia in approximately 3 days, being registered in the Guinness Stout book as the first human being to cover the distance between the northernmost and southernmost city of our planet, tieya in orejible.




Bulletin No. 21

Ending his international tour, Dr. Orejas Orejudo, in a gesture of deep symbolic symbolism, posed his balls in Hammerfest, the northernmost city on the planet in a clear gesture in favor of the fight against Global Warming.

He was received by the mayor, Alf E. Jakobsen. For those who have no idea what horns Hammerfest is: Hammerfest is in Norway, north of the European continent and has a population of 11,000 piniguimans and 14,000,000 penguins. Besides there are many bears among which Sir is distinguished. Yogi Bear, married to Bubu Bear. (The equal marriage law has been in force since 2009 in Norway)

His speech was very brief due to the intense cold and we transcribe it verbatim:

Dear Hammerfestos, it is an honor for you to receive the next president of a country that is in the antipodes, more precisely in the other ass of the world... And it is here where the extremes come together to show the world the possibility of fraternizing beyond the odds. distances, cultures, and the misunderstanding of the great powers. And since the truth is that it's fucking cold, I'll end here without first saying: how beautiful your aurora borealis is. I carry it in my soul like a postcard that I will post on Facebook.




Bulletin No. 20

After the presentation of the Super Ecological Orejible and giving it the final adjustments, we find Dr. Orejas Orejudo flying to the northernmost city in the world: Hammerfest, in Norway, the last point of his trip around the world.




Bulletin No. 19

Finally the big day arrived. In a simple and emotional ceremony in the gigantic Estoeselcolmo hangar attended by (from left to right) Greta van Fleet, Dr. Bengt Lindström, Dr. Orejas Orejudo (still in the process of thawing), Marcelo Gallardo, Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron who were still discussing the tense situation in Ukraine. But not even that could quell the hubbub of such an event.

The first Orejible powered by solar energy and huge sails to take advantage of the winds from the heavens was thus inaugurated. Said The New York Times: "Astonishing (Copado)" and Patricia Bullrich: "This will be used by the Orejudo for drug trafficking."

Dr. Orejudo closed the ceremony with an emotional speech that could not be heard due to the still thick curtain of ice that covered him and he was so moved that a tear flowed from his left eye that immediately froze.




Bulletin No. 18

20 days after retiring to meditate while Dr. Bengt Lindström finished the reform to the Orejible with which Dr. Orejas Orejudo will carry out his campaign in order to reach the presidency of a country called Argentina in the year 2023, (in the In case said country continues to exist in the concert of nations), Greta Van Fleet came to tell him that it would be ready the next day. In the days he spent with Gelado, one of his trusted advisers, he meditated deeply on his campaign that will start again tomorrow with the world presentation of the Orejible.




Bulletin No. 17

CONTRATO ENTRE PARTES          _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Between Dr. Orejas Orejudos, hereinafter Dr. Orejas Orejudo and Dr. Bengt Lindström, hereinafter Dr. Bengt Lindström on January 20, 2022 in the city of Stockholm sign the following contract.

FIRST CLAUSE: Within 15 days, Dr. Bengt Lindström will remodel the Orejible, turning it into a totally ecological vehicle, complying with IFOAM standards.

SECOND CLAUSE: Given the delay in the conversion of the eared ear, Dr. Orejas Orejudo will stay those 15 days in Sweden working on his electoral platform and his crew will make themselves available to Dr. Bengt Lindström

THIRD CLAUSE: Three copies of the same tenor and soprano are signed before Dr. Gustavo Abajos, Dr. Orejas Orejudo and Dr. Bengt Lindström.

FOURTH CLAUSE: It is recorded,place where this copy is registered as well as all previous bulletins.

Photo: Retirement of Dr. Orejas Orejudo in a secret place in Sweden.




Bulletin No. 16

As it had been arranged, Dr. Orejas Orejudo met with Dr. Lindström, an eminent scientist with a long history in ecological technological solutions but with a very young spirit.

He was amazed with the Orejible and praised Dr. Orejas. "I wish there were many long-eared with you who fight for the environment and the environment."

What followed was an in-depth study, he wrote down many things while they traveled the airship, in addition to being ecstatic with a dulce de leche alfajor that Dr. Orejas gave him. As a courtesy return, Bengt (this is Dr. Lindström's name) gave him a resinous chocolate with a strange smell, telling him that it was better to smoke it than eat it, to the surprise of the candidate for the 2023 Presidency.

Bengt asked him for two days to present a project that would make the airship the only one in the world, a request that the Dr. granted with joy and ecstatic with the meeting, he walked through the beautiful streets of Stockholm when he arrived at 8 Hamngatan street. What follows It's a familiar story...

Photo:from left to right, Dr. Bengt Lindström, Dr. Orejas Orejudo




Bulletin No. 15
While heading to his final destination on the tour of a Europe harassed by the Omicron and flying over Stockholm, Orejudo received an email that left him open-mouthed. It was an invitation from Greta Thunberg, a 19-year-old girl who stands out for her fight for the environment. Immediately Dr. Orejas made the eared stop and personally appeared to meet her. I was beautiful. Growing up had favored her and she felt a crush. After a fist bump (which Ears would have preferred was a tender hug) Greta went straight to the point that appeared to the Dr. in the nose that she promptly squeezed in a bath of pus.
As they both spoke English the communication was immediate. Looking up at the sky, Greta spotted the airship and asked her: “wow, what a beautiful airship. I don't travel by plane so as not to pollute the planet, but I approve of your airship. Although, how does it work?
Blushing, the Dr. answered "Gas-oil".
"Mmmmm... I don't like that very much although we could find a solution"
Big-Ear's face relaxed, relaxed at the possibility that Greta hinted at.
“I would like you to have a meeting with my technology advisor, Dr. Lindström, can you stay a few days to set up a meeting?”
Long-eared was moved and answered: "Affirmative."
They arranged to see each other the next day and Long-Eared headed for the long-eared, walking through the beautiful streets of Stockholm. He was walking ecstatically when he reached the street
Hamngatan 8. Right there was a disgusting McDonalds. "I shouldn't, I shouldn't," he said to himself imperative and pleading at the same time. But Satan exists… and he pushed you in.
It was like that, drunk on Coca-Cola, with a shirt stained with ketchup and mustard caused by a disgusting Big Mac, he reached the stairs of the airship and, ashamed, went up to his rooms.
"Tomorrow will be another day" and fell asleep with a smile




Bulletin No. 14

From Peking, Dr. Orejas Orejudo landed his airship in Luxembourg where he was feted by Grand Duke Henri Albert Gabriel Félix Marie Guillaume de Nassau-Weilburg et de Bourbon-Parme, for friends simply Enrique de Luxembourg and his Cuban wife María Teresa Mestre Batista, a former acquaintance of Dr. Orejas with whom he met in Geneva years ago studying Political Science. In the photo with his sons Guillermo and Felix and on the right Dr. Orejas.

In a kind and productive meeting, Enrique and Orejudo signed important agreements effective as of December 10, 2023 (date on which Dr. Orejudo will take office) among which are the extension of Avenida Rivadavia to the capital of Luxembourg, with a trace of 11752 km with a Watchtower halfway. Among the economic agreements are also the installation of a Chimbote dulce de leche factory to satisfy the strange fanaticism of Felix, Marite's son for himself.

They also exchanged medals. Dr. Orejas Orejudo was decorated with La Gran Cruz du Mache Argentin and the duke with the Great Cornut Mayor Medal.

The evening continued with a small show by the Sinfonieta de Damas Gratis from Argentina and Beethoven's tenth symphony performed by the Lux & Burgo Philharmonic Orchestra.

At the end, and in an emotional speech, Dr. Orejas Orejudo praised Luxembourg as a (fiscal) Paradise that jealously guards the hard-earned coins of many compatriots.”

When it was time to go to make noni and due to the lack of rooms in the Palace, Dr. Orejas Orejudo had to share a room with Duchess Marite.

As soon as he rested his big head on the Royal Pillow he tried to sleep since the next day he had to start his trip to the final destination of Hammerfest. But he couldn't...




Bulletin No. 13

After touring the Chinese Wall yesterday (“something like our General Peace”, Orejudo thought to himself) and before leaving for his almost final destination (one never knows), Xi Jipon paraded the red army in the Square Has Mielin under the stern gaze of the image of Mao Tse Bidenin.

In the photo you can see the joy, the discipline of the triumphant soldiers to the astonishment of the Dr. and his entourage.

Behind the building sported the Chinese flag, a Kin-Kon and a McDonalds. The latter made Orejudo feel at home. He said goodbye to Xi with a sticky hug, withdrew with his entourage to the Peking Hilton, ordered a Coca Colin, went to a mall to buy an i-phonin and craved a Kentucky Fried Chickenin. It was Mao Tse Biden's vision that communism was kept out of all capitalist temptation, forging a destiny different from Western consumerism. A great lesson for Dr. Orejas Orejudo!




Bulletin No. 12

Accompanied by the future ambassador to China, Chino Darín, Dr. Orejas Orejudo arrived in Beijing to meet with Xi Jipon. Also part of the delegation was China Suarez de Icardi, Chino Tapia, Chino Volpato, his dog Rin-Tin-Tin and Chino Navarro representing the current government.

The small delegation accompanied Xi through the Argentine neighborhood (see photo) where they laid a floral offering to China Zorrilla. Then they went to an Argentine restaurant where they had lunch of chinchulín with chimichurri washed down with a delicious Termidor vintage 2022 wine.

In an unusual gesture, Xi gave a very moving speech:


Excited, Dr. Orejudo replied:

“When I am President, Argentina will grow. And if Argentina grows, so will China…”

After the ceremony, they signed an agreement whereby China assured that in the event that Orejas wins, it would give a loan of 15,000,000,000,000 midges and the Dr. gave him a lollipop and then they made a chin-chin for the good fortune of both countries with a serve that the Chinese Tapia converted into a goal before hitting the ball in Xi, which caused him a chi-chong.

Photo, from left to right: Rin Tin Tin, Chino Navarro, China Suarez de Icardi, Dr. Orejas Orejudo, Chino Volpati (Midachis), Xi Jipon (president emeritus of China), Chino Darín, Chino Tapia (Voca Shuniors)




Bulletin No. 11


Dr. Orejas Orejudo and his Inbestigasion and Desaroyo department have developed this fantastic medication: BIGOTIN. Three pills per day and in Three Days you will have a superbigotin that is born in the nose, covering sensitive areas such as the nose and mouth, giving you immunity against the Bug. It has some contraindications but not many. FREE in all the Basic Units of Long Eared 2023




Bulletin No. 10

In a top-secret location on the Chinese-Soviet border, Dr. Orejas Orejudo met with Mauricio Covid. In the tense meeting they exchanged gifts: Orejudo gave him an Anmat chinstrap and Covid a flatulence. They talked about ecology, such as the destruction of the environment and its incidence in the formation of new covid cells. In a part of the meeting, Mauricio introduced his children: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and the newborn Omicron, the latter very agile and mischievous.

With a grim and firm gesture, Dr. Orejudo reproached him for the deaths he caused since he appeared. Mauricio minimized the figure: You know your asshole, sorry, Big Ears, 3 million children under the age of 5 die per year and according to the United Nations, hunger reaches 9 million per year... More than 700 million people live in extreme situations poverty today and I fall short. Did you know that the 10 richest people in the world have 1,574,000,000,000 dollars. What if they only donated 10% of their fortune, each of those 700,000,000 would have more than 200 dollars to eat? But instead they allocate it to tourist spaceships… Did you know that in the year 2000, when I became unpopular, the 50 richest people in the world added 785,764,000,000 million dollars to their pockets in a single year? Don't reproach me for investing in Pfizer, which has already earned US$ 36,000 million instead of releasing the patents to fight me... Curious microbes, you human beings... I'm leaving anyway... leaving a world more unequal than when I arrived and I was much more democratic since I gave myself to the rich, the middle class and the poor.

Eared was bidet (1). He stretched out his fist and said: andacagaar. When I am president you will be just a bad memory. Mauricio just shot another flatulence.

(1) Anus-swim





Bulletin No. 9

Vladimir Putin also surrendered to the sympathy of Dr. Orejas Orejudo, a firm candidate to achieve the presidency of Argentina.

"The Putin who gave you birth," said the doctor flatteringly, and the President of the Soviet Union fell at his feet.

The conversation revolved around soccer, Argentine meat, Natalia Oreiro, Gerardo Sofovich and the need to fraternize as has been the history between both powers.

After singing the Socialist International loudly with the accompaniment of Vladimir Trotsky and León Lenin with Trotsky's orchestra They will come, they danced the balalaika with the dog Laika who died in space that year after boarding the Pulki I ship.

Finally, the Dr. promised that if he won, he would donate Astra Zeneca vaccines, atomic power plants, intergalactic rockets, and Argentine smirnoff vodka to Russia.

In turn, Vladi honored Orejas with the medal of the Communist League of Young Leninists and Feminists (see photo).




Bulletin 8

On board his Orejalin, Dr. Orejas Orejudo was going at cruising speed towards the URRS when he met God on the way. Contrary to what everyone might believe, they talked about soccer, tactics, remembering goals, and they hit it off immediately. Orejudo told him about his presidential plans and Muñedios told him: If you win, I'll offer myself as chief of staff. Excited, Dr. Orejas shouted GOOOOLLLLLLL glimpsing a 5-1 victory and then they melted into a very strong hug. So strong, that they are still trying to separate them.

Tomorrow: Dr. Orejas Orejudo in the USSR




Bulletin No. 7

While the world celebrates the beginning of the year 2022 with fireworks and hope, Dr. Orejas Orejudo continues with his journey to meet the World Leaders and after a restful rest in his little hut in Ibiza he departs in his campaign ship to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to meet their leader. More news tomorrow with bulletin eight.





Bulletin No. 6

Discreetly guarded by his friend Clarco Quent, Dr. Orejas went to spend the New Year at his modest weekend villa in Ibiza, regaining strength after meeting other powerful people and, incidentally, continuing to think about how to make Argentina a Power from the year 2023.

The 2022 that is coming will be a year of hard militancy for which he deserves a short rest before heading to the Soviet Union for the first days of the year for a very important meeting with Puton.

Reading the previous bulletins you will be able to see the journey that the candidate undertook 5 bulletins ago.

In the meantime, happy new year. Remember to put on your mask, do not drive drunk or drunk, do not use flying canes or fireworks as animals suffer, brush your teeth well and throw waves of love and peace. Congratulations!




Bulletin No. 5

Continuing with his journey presenting his 2023 candidacy, Dr. Orejas Orejudo met the 95-year-old Elizabeth, Queen of England (the same one so well portrayed in The Crown series).

"How good it looks," praised Dr. Orejas.

In a pleasant dialogue, topics were discussed such as the denial of the competition between her and Mirtha Legrand for permanence on television, the love she feels for Malvina Pastorino, which Dr. Orejas took the opportunity to refer to our islands. The Queen's reply was hopeful: "You should discuss that with Boris, who will be at the hairdresser's until next month."

The afternoon was dedicated to leisure playing cricket with Peter Gabriel and drinking mate made in england.




Bulletin No. 4 bis:

Faith of rats: In yesterday's publication in the photograph published both Dr. Orejas Orejudos, as well as the president of PSG and Lionel Messi were without a mask, setting a bad example for society. We have repaired the error and we give this photo for validity.

The campaign team of Dr. Orejas Orejudos apologizes and therefore publishes this rectification.




Bulletin No. 4

In an act not exempt from prolocoto, the candidate Dr. Orejas Orejudo met with Mr. Lionel Messi. Among the topics discussed were the milanesas con papa frita, the installation of a hotel belonging to his luxurious chain (it would be called La Salad") on Isla Maciel and fundamentally - what turned out to be news in all the media - the promise of crack in going to play in Argentina in the event that the Dr. becomes president in 2023.

The news caused a sensation in Argentina, causing spontaneous demonstrations of support for Orejudo in the main cities, towns and districts of the country.

Dr. Orejudo continues to rise incessantly in the polls, already bordering 26.5% of voting intentions and in clear rise, only surpassed by the undecided, the do not know / do not answer and the age group from 2 to 4 years.

(In the photo from left to right Dr. Orejas Orejudo, the president of PSG (Paris Saint-Germain Football Club) and Lionel Messi)




Bulletin No. 3

Yesterday, Dr. Orejas and the Pope spent several hours together talking about issues of global, national, and neighborhood interest. Before leaving for London, where the Big-Eared will meet the Queen, they got confused in a big hug. They were so confused that the confusion began to confuse the environment that sent the Pope to the airport for his flight to London and Dr. Orejas to the papal apartments. Fortunately, the Dr.'s campaign manager noticed and gave the alert when the plane had already taken off and Ears was sleeping soundlessly in the papal room. Dr. Orejudo was woken up and rushed to Fiumicino airport while the plane Francisco was on turned over the English Channel and landed just as it arrived at Orejas himself. When they saw each other, they got confused in a big hug. They got so confused that the confusion…




Bulletin N°2 - Dr. Orejas Orejudo 2023

After visiting the United States, the candidate for president 2023 traveled on a transatlantic plane to celebrate Christmas with the Pope, an Argentine like him. It did not come out what they talked about, although it was learned that Francisco told Dr. Orejas Orejudo that he hoped that for Concord, Entre Ríos and Jose C. Paz, for peace he viewed his candidacy with good graces and although he does not want to get into politics Argentina, the photo says it all...

Ancla 1




Bulletin N°1 - Dr. Orejas Orejudo 2023

On his first international tour, Dr. Orejudo visited the President of the United States who apologized (kneeling) for his predecessor McDonald Trump and the abusive debt he made us contract. However, he said that he will not give up on charging it as it is.

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